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Tetris 2011

by DJ Phazer

Tetris 2011 05:13
---------- "man, I feel like playin' Tetris..." ---------- [Chorus] I like to play Tetris on my Game Boy All day, like to play Tetris on my Game Boy Just sit and play Tetris on my Game Boy All day, playin' Tetris on my Color Game Boy [Verse 1] (chekkitout) I'm sittin' at home, and there's nothin' to do Cuz I'm sick of all the games on my PlayStation 2 I'm lookin' for a fix that could cure my boredom--HEY! Where'd I put my Game Boy? That sounds like fun So I turn on mah Game Boy and it goes... [BLING!] I'm 'bout to play my favorite game, but the telephone rings [can somebody get that?] Who could it be? I'm tryna concentrate on my GAME... man... they're gonna have to WAIT. I could play Tetris all day long or all NIGHT Cuz it's such a fun GAME and the music is TIGHT The screen comes up and then I press START I can flip all the pieces, I know the buttons by HEART I make line after line, keep stackin' 'em up And after every TEN LINEz you GET a LEVEL-UP like... YEEUH, that's how it's done! Tetris on my Game Boy is so much fun! [Chorus] [Bridge Hook] I like to sing the Tetris song... While I play Tetris all day long... [Miniverse] NowaDAYZ, ev'rybody haz a P.S. THRE3; maybe a Wii, and an XBOX THREE-SIX-TEE. Well those new game systems really don't appeal to me; I would rather play something made before nineteen-ninety-THREE! [Repeat Chorus, etc.] [Breakdown] (Yeah) I'm bringin' Tetris back... Them other nerdz don't know how to act... Cuz I'm bringin' Tetris back... (bop, bop, bop, bop, bop) [End Verse] I have a lotta time, but I... tend to abuse it... I just wanna sit and play games and make music... My vocals sound ill... cuz I'm just too sick! *cough* *cough* ...yeah, coughin' up mucus, it's stupid, I have a lotta time, but I tend to abuse it, cuz I just wanna sit and play games and make music! (I'm bringin' Tetris back!) Why can't I sit and make music? (Why you gotta make me do this?) Let me hit ya with the TRUTH, kidz, Nobody will know what you're worth until ya PROVE IT. ----------


The digital release of my debut single, a nerd rap about an obsession with a handheld video game, featuring everyone's favorite theme music.

Here on Bandcamp, if you feel so inclined, you can tip me a dollar or two (or more) in exchange for a high-quality download of the single, the instrumental, and the a cappella. Funds will go toward software and equipment that will help me make more entertaining music!


released December 1, 2011

Vocals by DJ Phazer.
Additional background vocals by Ryan Michalek.
Contains samples of music arranged by Hirokazu Tanaka.
Produced by DJ Phazer.




DJ Phazer Grand Rapids, Michigan

Beatboxer. Singer. Rapper.
Electronic Music Producer.

Music nerd from Michigan who exists to entertain your eardrums.

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